Harborside Co-Founder Steve DeAngelo Won’t Stop Until ‘Every Single Cannabis Prisoner in the World’ Is Released

By Chloe Aiello

Hot on the heels of Harborside’s public debut on the Canadian Securities Exchange, co-founder Steve DeAngelo kicked off a new project with a very ambitious goal.

“So the idea, very simple, we want to get every single cannabis prisoner in the world out,” DeAngelo told Cheddar.

Last Prisoner Project, which kicked off earlier this week, is DeAngelo’s answer to that problem. The serial entrepreneur and long-time activist intends to enlist the help of major players in the cannabis industry to chip in for clemency petitions, retrial, re-sentencing, and record expungement for people serving time for cannabis-related crimes.

“I intend to accomplish that by going to the new cannabis industry and other people who have a heart and asking them how it would feel to them if they were sitting in a prison cell, looking out, and watching people build inter-generational wealth ー billions of dollars ー for doing exactly the

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