Chemmy Jones: Why Colorado Tokers Love This Strain | Westword

I’ve fallen prey to Chemmy Jones not once, not twice, but three times now. I can’t help myself, and neither can my nose. Those gas fumes keep fooling me, like some sort of horticultural hormone.

Chemmy Jones actually hails from the United Kingdom, where Connoisseur Seeds created the buzzing hybrid. Some online descriptions call it a “functional” strain, but I strongly disagree. While cannabis strains can affect everyone differently, I’ve yet to come across a cut of ol’ Jonesy that doesn’t turn me and my friends into a gang of drooling buffoons. This combination of Casey Jones and Chemdawg phenotype Chemdawg D will send you on a stoned and disoriented adventure — or in my case, another one.

Every session of Chemmy Jones might as well be an anchor tied to my waist, pulling me far away from productivity and self-care. Ever been so stoned that

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