Medterra CBD and Baylor College of Medicine Combine Forces to Research CBD Effects

Medterra CBD and Baylor College of Medicine have combined forces to research the effects of CBD. Baylor College of Medicine is a renowned academic institute know for its education, research, and patient care. Medterra CBD is extracted from industrial hemp and is third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality. Together, they will explore the effects of CBD to provide scientifically sound data surrounding CBD and its biological capabilities. Dr. Matthew Halpert, instructor of immunology at Baylor, underlines the importance of such a study as CBD is hugely popular and recognized for its healing properties with very little scientific evidence.

Medterra is eager to uncover this data as it will back up their claims and support the cannabis industry in being more widely accepted. In fact, the company approached Baylor to complete an independent academic study. Halpert and a team of other researchers are hoping to quantify the effects of ... read more at:

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