New JAMA Pediatrics Study Shows a Decline in Teen Cannabis Use After Legalization in Four States

According to a recent study, there has been an 8% decline in the number of high schoolers who have used marijuana within the last one month. The JAMA Pediatrics-published study also notes a 9% drop among teenagers who have taken marijuana ten times in the last 30 days, suggesting that youth cannabis use may reduce the following legalization.

The researchers did this study in Montana, Colorado, California, and Oregon, focusing on data from high school surveys in areas where recreational and medical cannabis is legalized.

According to the report, there’s no evidence that medical cannabis legalization encourages cannabis use among the youth. However, estimates indicate that cannabis use could actually reduce after the legalization of recreation marijuana.

Researchers note that the drop is consistent with a previous research that deduced that it is harder for teenagers to access cannabis since drug dealers are substituted by licensed

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