Purple Urkle: Why Colorado Tokers Love This Strain | Westword

I can’t be the only person who instantly thinks of Family Matters the minute Purple Urkle makes an appearance on a dispensary shelf. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m in the majority.

The history behind the fruity, tranquilizing indica’s name is cloudy. The prevailing theory is that Purple Urkle was named for the strain’s potent high, which often leads to bumping into walls, irritating behavior and falling and not being able to get up — all hallmarks of everyone’s favorite nerdy annoyance in the ’90s, Steve Urkel.

The only argument against that theory is that anyone who’s high on Purple Urkle is far from nerdy, because being nerdy requires a modicum of thought. One session with Purple Urkle will quickly showcase the strain’s powerful sedating qualities, instantly cloaking the brain in a lazy fog. The body’s unraveling isn’t far behind, either, as you’re pulled into a pit of munchies

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