Colorado House Committee Approves Bill Allowing Marijuana Use in Hotels, Dispensaries and Other Businesses | Westword

A bill that would allow social cannabis consumption in Colorado dispensaries, hotels, cafes and other businesses passed its first test on Wednesday, March 27, when it moved out of a House committee on a 7-4 vote.

Recreational cannabis use has been legal in Colorado since late 2012, but it’s only allowed in private dwellings and establishments, with “open and public” pot consumption banned by the state constitution, despite Amendment 64 being billed as a measure to “treat marijuana like alcohol.” Past legislative efforts to create a licensing system for social consumption businesses have failed, but sponsors of House Bill 1230 are confident of their chances this year.

“The problem we’re trying to solve is twofold. We have an issue with the public consumption due to a poor definition of ‘open and public’ in Amendment 64, that being that there is no definition of ‘open and public,’ so it puts us

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