New Project Helps Cannabidiol Users Track Whether or Not CBD Worked for Them

New website,, looks to crowdsource information from over 1 million users in hopes to dispel misinformation and provide valued feedback to those who currently use CBD or those looking to start. Due to so much insistent information available in the news and on the internet, it is hard to dispel myths and determine authentic and verified experiences. The website’s goal is to reach 1 million testimonials by the end of 2020. It will be organized by the condition treated with CBD. Additionally, it will offer the latest medical research available. The testimonials will then be compared to the claims made by companies and marketers.

Eventually, a reliable database will be created with scores and experiences for each individual medical condition. This will aid the community in determining the effectiveness of products along with specific feedback. The comments will be made public for transparency and to avoid bias. The database

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