Roaches: Do You Recycle? Or Do You Waste Weed? | Westword

This week our Stoner received an age-old question: What do to with all the joint roaches piling up in his room? “It seems like a waste to toss them,” the reader confessed.

Our Stoner had an answer for that, but readers also had plenty of suggestions…and memories.

Says Dave:

 Used to eat them. Destroy the evidence.

Adds Julie:

 I’m old school and just can’t throw these away. I will save them for someone.

Replies Lindsay: 

Same, I’ll save them up til they like fill up a little jar, then I usually find a homeless person who could use them. They’re very grateful usually.

Responds Mary Jane: 

Do you also save up the crust from your sandwiches and give those to the homeless?

Comments Benjamin:

 Joints and blunts are not even remotely efficient. I still smoke joints but I pretty much agree. Missing the forest for the trees,

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