New Herbes Luxury Cannabis Line by Basketball Player Jonas Lalehzadeh Launches

Jonas Lalehzadeh has played in the Iran Super League and NBA Developmental League and now, he’s launching a luxury cannabis brand called Herbés. The signature product from the launch is The Trophy, which is a signature cannabis cigar that features two-grams and is kief-dipped.

The brand’s website is up and running and explains that its products,

“are made with unparalleled skill and original, refined craftsmanship. There is a thoughtful and transparent approach to everything we bring to our customers. We care about how products are made, the resources used, the people involved and the overall journey before they land in your hands.”

According to Benzinga, press release issued by the brand indicates that another product will be released soon as well.

The product, a curated dry flower, is an,

“organic flower [that] reflects the care of each grower to create a luxury product. These thoughtful details of Herbés craftsmanship offers customers

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