Tempo Launches CBD-Infused Wellness Shots as a New Natural Functional Beverage Line

Tempo is a producer of natural and functional beverages and has recently launched a line of cannabis-infused wellness shots. The shots are 2.5 oz and contain 25mg of high-quality hemp-derived CBD. The wellness shots also include other natural ingredients such as teas and fruits and are designed to support the body’s natural functions. The CEO of Tempo, Ryan Crane, believes that the interest in cannabis-infused beverages is increasing and they would like to maximize on this interest while providing a purposeful, clean, and functional approach. They have created a beverage including superfoods that are convenient for professionals or those always on-the-go.

Crane recently delivered a TEDx talk on CBD and its therapeutic potential. He recognizes that consumers, and millennials in particular, are looking for a product to help them perform in high-pressure and constantly evolving workplaces. Everyone is looking for ways to improve daily performance, manage stress, and relax. He

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