Former NBA Basketball Player Matt Barnes Announces Upcoming SWISH CBD & Cannabis Brand

Former American pro basketball player, Matt Barnes took to his Instagram account to share a possible six-month internship position with his CBD and Cannabis brand, SWISH. In order to win such a position, people have pick basketball players who they feel are supportive of marijuana by placing them in roles for a basketball game.

“I’ve noticed people have been posting their starting 5 medicators [emoji] lol. Give me your Best Medicating 5 [emojis] If I choose your 5 you will win a 6-month internship [with] my New Health and Wellness CBD Cannabis Brand called SWISH launching soon.”

Many have since commented to the post, sharing who they believe should be the point guard, shooting guard, small forward, the power forward and the center. Many of the reoccurring names that seem to be favorites among consumers include Jason Williams, Bill Walton, and JR, all whom are believed to roll and

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