FDA Warning Letter Ruins Curaleaf’s Mellow Buzz

Administration says cannabis product company is offering drugs – the medical kind

Cool-Hand Cream

If you’re of a certain age, the Curaleaf website is something to marvel at. Go back a few decades – we won’t get specific for fear of dating ourselves – and it would have been difficult to imagine that the sale of marijuana-derived products would ever be so … corporate. But today we have Curaleaf and its competitors, companies with slick, vibrant web presences, corporatese marketing copy and staid packaging that would blend in on the shelves of any Whole Foods store.

Mainstream cannabis products have arrived – with all the countercultural disruption of a designer soap.

Curaleaf offers a wide assortment of CBD-oil-derived personal care products in a robust online store, including complexion creams, massage oils and lip balms. But the section of the company’s website dealing with its “premium mainstream cannabis brand” – vaporizer oils, lozenges and edibles

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