Starbuds cannabis coffee shop opens its doors in the UK

Starbuds Coffee

A cannabis coffee shop has opened its doors to customers in the UK offering people the opportunity to try their CBD infused products.

Starbuds cannabis coffee shop in Sheffield recently opened its doors to offer coffees, cakes and other foods infused with CBD in the wake of the new CBD health trend.

Co-founder, Ricky Chu, set up the shop with his business partner after they went into the wellbeing industry, and after having his own beneficial experience with CBD.

Personal benefits from CBD

Mr Chu said: “Me and one of the partners were going down the health and wellbeing route and decided to go with a CBD cannabis coffee shop. At the time I was under enormous amounts of stress and developed a Tourette’s-like tick that I could not get rid of.

“I started taking prescriptions to counteract it, but nothing worked, so I tried

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