Clinical research key for 3 million new cannabis consumers expected in next wave of legalization: report

Canada could see as many as three million new cannabis consumers once edibles, extracts and topical lotions are legalized for commercial sales later this year, according to an EY Canada study conducted in partnership with Lift Co., released August 15.

That figure represents about 12 per cent of current non-consumers of cannabis into consumers, as that is the percentage who responded in a survey that they were likely to start using cannabis once those new products became legal to buy, the report explained.

The report found some tips for cannabis producers in how to market their products to current and future consumers, and dissected how the two groups differ.

Nearly 17 per cent of the Canadian adult population uses cannabis, according to Statistics Canada. A sampling of those users told EY Canada that the most important criteria when purchasing cannabis was:

  • quality;
  • intended effects; and
  • potency.

Less important was the brand.

About 70 per cent of current consumers who purchase through bricks-and-mortar

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