Beam CBD: CBD Products Review and Company Guide

Beam CBD: CBD Products Review and Company Guide

Are you into physical activities – whether it be CrossFit, triathlons or bodybuilding among others? One thing most sports have in common is an individual’s ability to push their body to the brink of destruction. How is this true? Many athletes have at least experienced a head injury or concussion of sorts, not to forget knee injuries and other pain.

Is this the end of the world for said individuals? Not quite, and beam aims to introduce a new perspective on recovery. The following review will look closely at how beam’s belief in CBD is voiced and packaged globally. Some of the factors that will expounded upon include beam’s story, and how that has been reflected in the products offered.

Here’s the beam story

Co-Founders of beam, Matt and Kevin created the brand after having pushed their bodies to the limit. As active people, both found enjoyment in sports but were left with aches, pains, increased stress and sleepless nights among others.

The duo went on to researching for natural solutions and it wasn’t until four years ago that CBD entered their lives. Since its uses, they’ve seen reduced inflammation, better sleep and less anxiousness. Eventually, bean was established to tend to all consumers – sports players, parents, or someone who needs to achieve a sense of calmness.

Does the story sound familiar? Don’t be surprised, as this only goes to show the validity of the claims that currently exist surrounding CBD uses.

beam’s CBD infusions

beam currently offers a number of CBD products including tinctures, salves, and protein bars (not to forget bundle sales). Here’s a quick look at some of their essentials:

the bar (cacao, vanilla or cacao vanilla flavors)

the bar is a full spectrum CBD-powered protein bar that can be taken as a post-workout or mid-workday. With 14 grams of plant-based protein and CBD, consumers can expect to attain recovery in a matter of no time.

It is supposedly as natural as it gets! For instance, in place of sugar, the natural sugars found within ingredients like dates and coconuts are used. Given the presence of CBD, it has been noted that it contains 0% THC (no mind-altering properties whatsoever).

the fixer

the fixer is a topical solution that aims to alleviate target-specific pain. It also uses lavender and eucalyptus oils in what appears to be an attempt to induce a sense of calmness and further rid one of inflammation. Former ‘The Fittest Man on Earth’ title holder, Mat Fraser supposedly uses the beam ointment. In a previous interview, he said: “I also started using Beam […] This year I was having trouble with one of my knees every morning and night, I use it for that.”

the one (natural or fresh mint flavors)

the one is a CBD tincture that claims to achieve calmness and better rest while improving one’s focus levels. Consumers can either choose between 1000mg of CBD (33.33mg per serving) or 1500mg (50mg per serving).

beam Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, beam’s mission to serve consumers of all works of life is clearly evident, as they didn’t simply stick to sports-related health, but wellness in general.

Despite having a limited number of products to choose from, their dedication in making each one as on point as possible is clear, not to forget the extent they go in educating consumers. This is stated based on product descriptions, preference of natural ingredients and ensuring that different potency levels are delivered.

The duo’s aim towards helping consumers get started is also witnessed via their quiz. Upon answering a basic set of questions including their knowledge on CBD, reason for visiting their webpage and the specific health concern needing support, the website will give a number of options to choose from their line. This eliminates the process of second-guessing one self, especially if the consumer is new to CBD.

For more on beam, visit here.


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