CannaFarm Con 2019 Was an Educational Cannabis Farming Event

Attendees and exhibitors enjoyed the CannaFarm Con 2019 last month, which explored and addressed topics such as compliance, innovative technology, extraction methods, growing techniques and the importance of testing.“Today’s cannabis farm environment is as complex as ever and we are honored to help the industry navigate a market that is facing rising production costs, narrowing margins, flat growth, unpredictable growing seasons, and an influx of new cannabis agro-technologies,” said Celeste Miranda, CEO and founder of MACE Media Group, the events organizer. “CannaFarm Con is about creating an educational platform where cannabis agriculture can develop further.” 

With an emphasis on farming and farming technology, the conference was a niche for the industry’s agriculture side. “It is one of our most targeted trade shows and it serves as a place where industry players can come together to provide novel and educational content” said Ms. Miranda. Overall feedback from the exhibitors was

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