This Canadian cannabis company says it has developed stinkless weed | Grow

For many, the unique sticky smell of cannabis is just a normal part of smoking the devil’s cabbage. Yet, as complaints seemingly pile up (as well as letters to editors) about non-users having to contend with the invasive odour, one Canadian company is taking the initiative and developed a smell-free strain all their own.

CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp., a Brampton, Ontario, company announced on Tuesday an agreement with an “undisclosed technology provider” to produce “near odourless cannabis,” it said in a statement.

All the funk, without the skunk.

“Cannabis by its nature when burnt, typically causes coughing and is very heavy when inhaled, which is especially true for new users,” said Mark Novak, Cannabco’s COO, in the release. “The technology when deployed eliminates much of the harshness of smoking cannabis in its dry form allowing the process of using cannabis far more tolerable while retaining the essential properties.”

The new strain

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