LA’s First Cannabis Lounge Required to Split Into Two Businesses

There’s a serious buzz around Southern California’s first cannabis restaurant, Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe. The restaurant/cannabis consumption lounge’s opening date is scheduled for September 24, and online reservations for Lowell’s first 30 days sold out within three hours. But the opening presented some legal challenges, and Lowell’s owners found themselves in an odd position. In order to comply with state law, they had to split Lowell Farms into two separates businesses: a restaurant and cannabis retail establishment.

Current regulations in California don’t allow cannabis consumption lounges to sell food or beverages on the premises. That leaves Lowell Farms and the seven other businesses that secured cannabis consumption lounge licenses in West Hollywood with an awkward dilemma. The licenses specifically allow smoking and vaping, but not direct sales of cannabis-infused food or drinks, which takes away a potentially significant income-generator.

Lowell Farms needed a way to sell

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