UMD has the nation’s first medical cannabis master’s program

Brandon Coleman was 26 years old when he began experiencing seizures.

In August 2018, he was motivated and healthy, working his dream job as a firefighter in Howard County. But things took a turn for the worse when the 2013 University of Maryland graduate was diagnosed with epilepsy the following month. Forced to leave his job, Coleman became a patient at Greenhouse Wellness, a medical cannabis dispensary in Ellicott City.

“[Firefighting] was my passion,” he said. “I loved it and thought I was going to do it forever.”

However, after his time as a patient, Coleman decided to turn his passion for cannabis into a career. He joined the Greenhouse team as a wellness consultant in early 2019 before being promoted to purchasing manager in May.

“The cannabis industry kind of served as a unique crossroads for everything that I’ve done in my life so far,” he said.

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