Employers Puzzle Over Future Rules On Workplace Cannabis Impairment

Businesses will have to change, well, the way they do business after recreational cannabis use becomes legal in January. Till now, simple drug screening tests have helped employers maintain drug free workplace. After January it won’t be that simple at all.

The McLean County Chamber of Commerce partnered with lawyers from the Brady, Connolly, Masuda Law Firm to host a conference Wednesday for Employers to address new policies regarding legalized recreational cannabis.

According to the Controlled Substance Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act revision, employers shall not reject an applicant or terminate an employee if they test positive for cannabis during drug tests. 

Attorney Grant Campbell says employers have to exercise good faith in enforcing zero-tolerance policies.

“The Cannabis Act shifted from a positive drug screen to the employer’s good faith belief that the employee was impaired or under the influence of cannabis at the workplace,” Campbell said. “Now, it is turning to

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