Strain of the Day: 5 things you need to know about Charlie Sheen

It may not be tiger blood, but this in-your-face hybrid strain still offers plenty of pop. Here are five things to know about this “winning” cultivar.

First. It’s a celebrity strain, but its namesake is a bit miffed.

Named for notorious film and television actor Charlie Sheen, the strain’s namesake is none-too-pleased that his personal moniker is being used in the cultivation of “bootlegged” cannabis cultivars, an annoyance that began to emerge about a decade ago.

“[My business partners] said, ‘You know, we see your name so ingrained in the marijuana industry.’ And it’s all bootlegged. Essentially, I’ve never made a nickel off of it. That didn’t seem fair,” he told the Daily Mail.

Second. Its genetics are rooted in a cool colour palette, literally.

Charlie Sheen is a cross of Green Crack, OG Kush and Blue Dream. True

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