When do you think marijuana will be removed from pre-employment drug screen tests in states where it’s legal? – P. Cup Who knows? California is an “at will” state, so you can be fired for damn near anything, not just cannabis use. It’s tricky. Cannabis is still illegal under federal law, and many insurance companies […]

Roll up, roll up, Richmond, Virginia’s death metal brotherhood of the bong, Cannabis Corpse, have roused themselves from their slumber, raided their cupboards for Doritos and are about to deal out a new, Entombed-hailing album, Left Hand Pass, due, like, September 8? via the hydroponic hothouse that is Season Of Mist Records. Proof that the […]

As commercial cannabis continues to grow, hybrids and high potency strains are becoming more popular due to a high demand for more THC. While hybrid popularity is increasing, the number of new strains being produced is also growing. The industry is growing so fast that it seems like a new strain is introduced every week. […]

Visit the Maricann Group Investor Dashboard and stay up to date with data-driven, fact based due diligence for active traders and investors. Maricann Group, Inc. Gains Exposure to TSX with Listing on Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF Medical Cannabis Provider Joins HMMJ ETF; Offers Investors Stock in Global Company with Plans for Aggressive International […]